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Our kneeling soldier statue is the ultimate trophy to present to a brave military soldier. Made from electroplated resin for extra stability, strength and detail, this statue is amazing to look at, and affordable for most budgets. If you are looking to acknowledge the bravery of a soldier in your family, or a friend that you know, then this personalized trophy is the best way to do it. Not only will the recipient be presented with a unique and impressive trophy, but it will be personalized to them, with your own special message, for no extra cost. Our design team will engrave any message that you wish to convey onto the base of the trophy, making it truly one of a kind and an award that your soldier will cherish forever. Let your loved one know that their service, bravery and selfless career choice is appreciated by presenting them with this kneeling soldier trophy.

Kneeling Soldier Statue

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